Gail Ranstrom

I am obsessed with justice.  Always have been.  Like the subtle similarities between justice and revenge, patriotism and treason and other paradoxes.  Where is the line between them?  When does one become the other?  What happens within the shadows of civilization?  The unspoken, dark side of the society that only emerges in headlines when things have gone too far.  When values and civilizations clash?  How do the people who live on that razor edge keep from falling to one side or the other?

These are the themes I explore in my dark Regencies.  I write tales of revenge and redemption, justice and recompense.  They are peopled by those who stand between civilization and annihilation.  And their challenges and triumphs are equal to their courage.

I hope you like my stories, and if you haven’t read one, visit the ‘Books’ page and click for an excerpt.

~ * * * ~

Born and raised in the wild west of Montana, Gail has always enjoyed a good tale of danger, adventure, action and romance of long ago times and distant lands.  When the youngest of her three children began school, she finally had a moment to herself.  She put pen to paper and wrote her first novel, which is thankfully still under her bed.  Her next efforts were more successful and she has been writing ever since as the award winning author of eight novels and two novellas.

After surviving earthquakes, mudslides and wild fires in southern California and dodging hurricanes and alligators in Florida, Gail has returned to Montana where the long winters give her more than enough time to tell many more stories.  She loves to hear from readers, and you can reach her at gail@gailranstrom.com